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Learn Spanish in Seville and enjoy with no boundaries!

Don’t lose your time with long hard and archaic language courses. Get advantage of your holiday time as a personal investment in a new language learning concept.

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For really open minded and culture divers… This option is prepared for people who want to take advantage of their staying in Seville and learn effectively. Living with the teacher combining classes and everyday life activities will extremely boost your learning and will make you acquire language and culture on location.

Includes: Continuous contact/tuition with the teacher in everyday life activity, full linguistic and cultural immersion, meals, classes, mobile phone, wifi, 3 extra cultural visits, weekend activities, transportation for the activities, airport transfers, diploma at the end of the course with the level achieved (CEFR).

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Our programs are ideal for University students and professionals looking to either learn the Spanish language, or advance their knowledge in the Spanish language for their further career development. After enjoying our program, our students are expected to be linguistically and culturally competent in an operative level with the target language. We offer official CEFR graded diplomas  (Common European Framework for Reference) after every course or program.

Global Language Training offers to Spanish language learners the possibility of applying their target language knowledge in real context situations under the continuous supervision of a specialist in order to acquire and develop their learning in accordance with their professional and everyday life activity.

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Enjoy Spain through the senses. If you want to enjoy Spain as a Spaniard and learn about its culture and join different and varied local non-touristic activities, just write to us with your enquiry and let us deal with it for you. Day routes, activities in the city and trip planning. Everything personalized to your needs. Includes visits to local familiar bodegas, sailing trips, gastronomic routes and training, sport activities and much more…

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“We chose carefully not to take one of the regularly guided tours of the palace and were so glad we had made the choice to have Ivan as our guide. You see the regular guides have a patterned oration that includes all the dates and times of rulers and guide very large groups of people around, and that’s okay. But what Ivan gave us was legend and stories of the palace and Sevilla that he knows by having lived here. To us, more interesting and fun to know about. It makes history come alive instead of dusty dates and names that we’ll forget likely soon after we’ve heard them.”
Bev and Bruce, Vancouver, http://bevbrucelexi.blogspot.com.es