APRENDER INGLÉS. Todo lo que hay que saber sobre certificados de nivel


A más de un español le está doliendo la cabeza últimamente con el asunto del aprendizaje de inglés y con la validez de sus certificados entre otros temas que nadie parece aclarar totalmente. Aquí ofreceré una breve explicación de cómo funciona todo. Hoy me centraré en lo que concierne a los universitarios.

Pues si chicos […]

Learn Spanish. The History of the Spanish Language

It is always good to roughly know the origin of the language you are learning, amid other issues. Its paths, the places where it spreaded including America, Africa, East Indies. Also the languages with which it interacts Like English in the United States. California* is a great example of this mixing and enriching both […]

APRENDER INGLÉS DESMONTANDO MITOS ¿Inglés americano o inglés Británico?

Existe un amplio debate sobre este asunto. Todo el mundo tiene una opinión al respecto, más o menos fundamentada. Hoy desmontaremos brevemente este mito a través de varias preguntas.

¿Hay una “Real Academia de la Lengua Inglesa” o algo parecido? NO.

A diferencia de las lenguas romances principales (Español, francés, italiano y portugués), la lengua inglesa […]

Learn Spanish in Seville

Seville is one of the best destinations for learning Spanish and getting a total cultural and linguistic immersion. The city offers a wide variety of leisure options and you can adapt your stay at your convenience if guided by the right people.
This blog contains many tips and info in its articles in which you […]

Spanish language is a hard one, but…

It’s been commonly said that learning Spanish is one of the most difficult tasks a student encounter when learning a new second language. Besides, it is the third most spoken language in the world so it makes the issue a total challenge specially to anglo-speakers.

Hard lists of verbal exceptions, heterogeneous endings for each tense […]

Learn Spanish or study Spanish… Big deal?

Since languages have become subjects in schools the necessity of studying them have overwhelmed students with memory techniques, studies’ syllabus, associating the language with a text book, etc.

In Europe, it is mandatory to get a B1 level of use of a second language spoken in the European community if you want to certify your […]