Día de la Hispanidad is celebrated in many countries in the world. As I posted in last October 12th article, it represents the feature of most union within Spanish speaking countries: THE SPANISH LANGUAGE. I t is the feature which identifies most users of this universal language. It is a day for feeling proud […]

Juan: A dónde vas? Ana: A apuntarme a clases de inglés. Juan: Otra vez?!

Comentarios así están a la orden del día en España. Hay gente que se apunta a clases de inglés todos los años al mismo nivel… Está claro que algo falla. Lo podemos tomar con humor pero lo cierto es que hay mucha gente que está perdiendo su tiempo y su dinero mientras otros se […]

Top five things to do in Sevilla during summer season.

Hello again with more season tips about Sevilla, its culture and living. I am going to start with the most important summer event in Seville:


It is a must if you are in Seville in July. “Trianeros” celebrate the festivity of their patron Saints Santiago and Santa Ana […]

The linguistic bubble. How far is language teaching business going to get?

Here comes a very controversial matter. Last June 12th, El País (a Spanish newspaper) issued an article about the growing amount of new language schools in the country. Something described as “the linguistic bubble” comparing this phenomenon to the former “real state bubble” and denouncing the fact that many of these new schools are not […]

How to learn Spanish on line

Learning a language on line is becoming easier and easier within these times. Once you touch bases with the language and get some development in the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) it is time to get practice on line with the wide range of options that are offered in www.youtube.com, vimeo.com, and […]

Spanish language coaching programs. Boost your Spanish this summer

Language learning is becoming more and more important in the globalized world we are living in nowadays. Great opportunities are waiting for us abroad or working with expats in our country of origin, whatever your trade is. This is a reality most of you may be aware and we can help you out with […]