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Christopher Columbus paths. Outdoor Spanish culture learning

Everything happens for a reason and when you are in the pursuit of something, the best things can happen on your way to achieve your goals. At least, this always happens to me when learning or researching about something. A teacher must be a natural born learner and, in fact I learn a lot from my students.

This time we went to follow Christopher Columbus departing paths and did some sailing by the shores which witnessed his departure with the 3 caravels around the wharf from which he and his crew departed blessed and sponsored by the Catholic Kings Ferdinand and Isabella.

On the way to the marina we crossed San Juan del Puerto, Moguer (Juan Ramón Jiménez town of origin) and Palos de la Frontera. All these towns live of Strawberry farming and fishing.

We had a very relaxing morning in which we sailed just with the Genova due to the powerful wind we faced, But our captain is an experienced one which has already crossed the Atlantic and been sailing most of his life. So our paseo was smooth and comfortable.

Off our little ocean session, from where we had a different perspective of Spain’s shores, left Raul and went to eat lunch at Nino’s Tavern. A famous and almost always crowded restaurant where you can enjoy the best products of Huelva Province, the nicest pork grilled meats and amazing seafood. We ate a lot and we were in the need of a coffee, but we decided to take it at the Three Caravels wharf in Palos de la Frontera.

There is a museum where the replicas of the first expeditions boats: La Pinta, la Niña and La Santa María. We went through the wharf and the […]

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Slow travelling Sevilla

We are here again with more stories. Beverly and Bruce didn’t come to learn Spanish in Sevilla, but they are enjoying the vibe of the city and boosting their language knowledge without effort as it is getting into them through the senses.

We had another wonderful day together in one of the most emblematic places of the city. My own “barrio” (neighbourhood). Walking its streets, joining the city life and participating in local activity. We started our Paseo in the oldest street market of Sevilla.

Calle Feria (formerly named calle ancha) is one of the streets with more personality of the city. Its name was precisely taken by this street market celebrated every thursday since October 18th 1254. This street and its sorroundings is traditionally associated with crafts and artisans activity of a wide range.

Important personalities were born in this barrio, namely the great Torero (bull-fighter) Juan Belmonte (1892) and one of the fathers of Spanish Art: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617).

It belongs to the Parroquia Omnium Sanctorum (all saints church built in XII century), as the spiritual figure of this area.

It was drizzling a bit but not enough to stop the barrio lively activity last thursday. After a walk by the market, we went into the church for some rest and peace. Its thick romanic walls gave us shelter during the short shower falling.

In the same block you find the church, the “Mercado de Abastos” (food market) and the Palacio de los Marqueses de la Algaba which holds a permanent exposition about Mudejar Art and, sometimes, other cultural shows and exhibitions.

After the slow walk we took, we headed to the old food market where we interacted with locals ending up in one of the taverns that surround […]

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Very Spanish wines. Drinking the culture… an experience for the senses

Yes, I said drinking the culture. The Spanish culture can be drunk-learned by enjoying its fantastic wines on location. When I say on location I mean in the wineyard, in the cellar, direct from the barrel, sulfites or chemical free, in the very heart of the smell of several types of wines and guided by the owner and maker of the golden treasures of his production. A very unique activity that still can be enjoyed with Global Language Training.

If there is something representative from Spain, this is definitely its fantastic wines. From Rioja to Ribera del Duero, Penedés, Albariño, etc. But there exists a unique wine in the world that is brewed in the south of the península: SHERRY WINE. Brewed from “Palomino fino” and “Pedro Ximénez” grapes (mainly). Everybody knows and recognise the quality and uniqueness of this wineries which offer the summum of wine culture exported from Cádiz province to the resto of the world. Wines that are more than wines, halfway between wines and spirits…


Taken to England By Drake (among others), which only increased the steem of its people to this wines. Laureated, celebrated and personified in love affection by William Shakespeare in some of his works (i.e. Henry IV).  We find ourselves immersed in the most liquid expression of the character of its inhabitants and the history of this rich piece of land at the southernmost corner of Europe heading to Africa.

Last week, James, Stephanie, Xavier (the baby) McNeely and me went to pay a visit to Jose Luis Muñoz. He is the owner of a private bodega located near the river beds of Guadalquivir (Halfway between Jerez and Sanlucar, next to Doñana natural reserve), and spend his days taking care […]

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