What if you have been trying to learn a second language without substantial results during a long period of time? Maybe you understood the grammar, but you still are not able to express yourself in a fluent way simply because you don’t know how to put together all that knowledge in a proper (and real) way. What is to say that you know the pieces but you don’t know how to put them together to communicate as native speakers do. You are able to express yourself but still sounds weird for you and you see strange faces on your listeners. Living a language is the best way to learn it, and also the quickest way to do it. You can make it faster under our guidance.

Everyone has his/her own way to learn. Depending on your interests and your professional activity, you have to learn a language in order to use it on your behalf. Maybe a teacher is using new technologies and applying the best pedagogical tools to his/her class, but what if those simply doesn’t fit you? It is very likely that you are not going to get your objectives covered having lost a lot of time and money on courses. I am not saying with this that group classroom learning is wrong. It’s the best way to get an overall idea of the target language, but there’s a point in your learning process (and no one is the same) in which you have to express yourself in that language and a real context is the best way to do it.

Street teaching

Street teaching

Customized language training is the solution to this situation.

Most of your best memories are from trips you have done. When you are enjoying a new situation with excitement, you get the best from your observation and your motivation is 100% proactive.

Having the opportunity of personalizing your learning, you are really opening a new perspective for your cognitive processes. Learning shouldn’t be a difficult task nowadays. If you adapt your language acquisition to your needs, it will be much easier than drilling on boring exercises over and over till you get tired of it. There’s a point in which you have to step out from the classroom and got to real life to experience what that language can offer you and finally acquire it to never forget its uses, idioms, cultural expressions, slang, etc.

Buena suerte! Hasta pronto!