Most students of Spanish are really concerned about how to speak Spanish fluently. Actually, it is not only a problem of students of Spanish but also of many other languages. Well, part of my research and professional activity deals with the acquisition of the Spanish language in context so I’m going to drop my opinión through this post.

All of us know foreign people living in our country. People with which we interact everyday and we don’t stop to think how did they get to speak so fluently? They just learned the rythm of the language, they might have some accent, yes, but they got the rythm.  Intonation becomes very important in our oral practice and we need to imitate what we hear in terms of rythm and intonation, eventhough accent and pronounciation are important, they are not as important as intonation.

The way is just getting in tune with the language’s culture and learn it through imitation, there is not secret formula for this. When in Rome,do as Romans do. Let the language get into you with activities in which you use it, which means, not focusing in the language ( as it is just an instrument) but on what you can do with it. Read aloud, read dialogues and perform them, record your voice and compare it with what you have heard and imitated, work with music if you like it. As Max Heindel said: Music is the soul of Language. It will take you to fully understand what it is said with all connotations and interpretations any sentence can undertake.

As I always say, therea are many methods but you just have to pick the best one for you. The one that works better and the one that you enjoy.

Please drop any comment if you have different opinions, want to learn Spanish in Sevilla or just want to learn more about your learning paths.

Have a nice day!