Learning a language must be useful for your everyday life. Also learning Spanish in Seville. Any method is good if it fulfills your needs, and it has to be directed always on your behalf. That’s why we think that personal language training will be your best option when you are approaching a culture and its language. Your learning must be directed to your necessities and your language output developed in real context. The city of Seville offers one of the best frames for your success in this task. Associating your learning with your Spanish life’s experience will make easier both to achieve and acquire the target language.

Learn your way

Learn your way

Your learning will be monitorized by a professor with wide experience on teaching both English and Spanish. The advantages of being with this tutor are that he will be aware of your shortcomings, obstacles and advantages in your learning process. He will also be ready to modify contents being always able to adapt them to your learning rhythm at any moment. The adaptability of this methodology will offer you the following incentives:

1)      Increased motivation.

2)      Best concentration on learning due to the individual method.

3)      Personal needs covered as your will.

4)      No distraction directed towards other people learning rhythms.

5)      Opportunity of specializing the use of the target language to student’s professional interests.

6)      Developing learning through student’s best skills or abilities to get their best results.

7)      Absence of fear toward making mistakes during his/her language output in front of other learners.

8)      Reducing time between learning and assimilation of grammar and uses.

9)      Having the opportunity of using the concepts achieved during classes in truly real contexts in everyday Spanish life.

Spring time in Seville

New technologies can be used in class and your learning is going to be totally directed to your professional activity or personal interests. In this way, learning the Spanish language will be always useful and profitable for you. Besides having a great time in the city with an amazing cultural input after your departure.

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