I keep looking for one more teacher

Only to find that fish learn from water

And birds learn from the sky.

If you want to learn from the sea

It helps to be at the sea.

If you want to learn about compassion,

It helps to be in love.

If you want to learn abour healing,

It helps to know of suffering.

The strong live in the storm

without worshipping the storm.


Mark Nepo


I saw this beautiful and true poem and it made me think about my job. As a bird learns from the sky and a fish learns from the water, a language cannot be learned if we don’t like the contents we are using. In the era of communications, we have the possibility of learning from anything we like. Gates are open to us for our enjoyment if we want to and if we know where to look for.

Changing the contents of our Spanish lessons is the key for success in our learning process. If we work in business administration, this is the Spanish we have to learn; if we work in sales, this is the Spanish we have to learn; and so on so forth.

Besides, if we like literature, there wouldn’t be a better way of learning our Spanish than reading; if we like sports, do so; if we like cooking, do so too; travelling, car races, painting, music… You name it! Everything can be done in Spanish. A language is not a content, is just a tool to talk about them. Easy and simple as that.

Everyone has his/her niche of interest and all of them can be applied in language learning as language is the main vehicle of communication  and is good to be in the pond we like as fishes looking for food. each pond has its own resources and we need to find the most appropriated for us to survive.

Think about this metaphorical reasoning and you will understand that to get what you want, you have to be in the pond. Swimming and chasing. Soon you’ll realise that your work has been rewarded without much effort and full of enjoyment.

As the Spanish refrain says: “El que quiera peces que se moje” (those who want fishes, gotta get wet)

Remember that learning doesn’t have to be boring. Just enjoy with us if you want.

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