Learning a language on line is becoming easier and easier within these times. Once you touch bases with the language and get some development in the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) it is time to get practice on line with the wide range of options that are offered in www.youtube.com, vimeo.com, and an infinite list of websites which supply with specific material for language learners, but watch out! Not all of them are good or suitable for your level, interests, and general practice.

Talking about Spanish language, Instituto Cervantes provides a big amount of material and information about Spanish language, literature and culture in general. But maybe your level should be high enough to understand instructions and contents in full Spanish from Spain. Nonetheless, it is a great tool for keeping track of your Spanish and keeping your learning & practice up.

Besides, there are a lot of free dictionaries monolingual and multilingual. Hence www.wordreference.com is one of the best under my point of view, due to the multiple search options that can help you out a lot if you know how to get the best from definitions, definitions in context, groups of words and forum discussions about the word combined in different uses, whether they are in a metaphorical use or straight meanings.

Obviously, you need the right motivation for improving and not getting frustrated with the use of these tools. Here goes a piece of advice: try always to read and listen about something that is interesting for you. Apart from practicing grammar, this grammar needs to be used always in context if you want to improve your use of Spanish in reality. Not needed to say that being in the country were the language is spoken is the best option, but you can get quite good using internet tools before jumping to Spain or any Spanish speaking country.

I like water sports so, for my readings, I will always go to water sport magazines, blogs, news, channels and so on so forth. If you like cycling, you should do so. And if you like cars, art, music, etc. Do so too!

Easily and without apparent effort you will see results in a short period of time.

I hope this little article would make you think and help you with your Spanish. Here goes a conjugator for languages that will be helpful for sure.


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