Seville is one of the best destinations for learning Spanish and getting a total cultural and linguistic immersion. The city offers a wide variety of leisure options and you can adapt your stay at your convenience if guided by the right people.
This blog contains many tips and info in its articles in which you may find valuable information for getting the best out of your visit to the capital of Andalusia.
First thing to take into account is DO AS SEVILIANS DO. Yes, don’t fall in the topic. Enjoy our monuments, join our festivities, but try to interact with locals as much as possible.



Sevilian people is very open to foreign visitors and they will always give you a nice hint. Get lost among them and don’t be afraid.
Don’t show fear. Most of locals everywhere may feel insulted if you show fear when they are just trying to be helpful and good hosts. That will probably turn into bad energy vibe and, definitedly, is not the right way of approaching new people and cultures. Besides, Sevilla is a very safe city and you can walk its streets any time day or night with a very low rate of burglary or thievery activities in the street.

Get the right information. The first thing you should do when you arrive is to pay a visit to our OFICINA DE TURISMO. Here is where you get a lot of info and you can compare prices, touristic packages, etc. Also, People working in the office will give you objective advice in the sense that they won’t try to sell you plans or activities as it is the only place where they don’t get comission out of it. Others like concierges or promoters will always try to sell their product as the best among others that, maybe, suit  better to your likes and needs.

What is the best school? That is a very personal choice, but bear always in your mind that there are a lot. Try to follow any advice from someone you know and had that experience in Seville.

That’s all for the moment. We’ll keep you updated with more tips. feel free to contact us for advice, courses or cultural activities