Since languages have become subjects in schools the necessity of studying them have overwhelmed students with memory techniques, studies’ syllabus, associating the language with a text book, etc.

In Europe, it is mandatory to get a B1 level of use of a second language spoken in the European community if you want to certify your university degree (CEFR Benchmarks). By treating languages like this, we are diminishing its value to simple and plain contents and grammatical rules to be learned almost by heart by students who, after accomplishing their level requirements, won’t probably talk or read in that language anymore.

The will of learning a language comes from a needed requirement, not from our interest toward that language and their speakers’ culture. This affects negatively to the learning processes of students and learners. But here comes the turning point of this question proposed.

Learning or studying? Maybe both are possible? What do we take for “learning” really?

Learning a language, as we do when we are kids with our native tongue, is a continuous practice exercise. We learn and practice, learn and put into practice, make mistakes, get corrected and keep learning. Learning a language can be a funny and fulfilling experience if you use the right methodology. Simple as using contents of your interest and boosting your learning paths by putting into practice everything you learned during the class as fast as possible.

By practicing Spanish right away you are just simplifying the process. By practice you are able to eliminate almost any trace of studying rules by heart. Just practicing, rules are acquired by the experience of speaking in Spanish, making mistakes, being corrected, etc.

Global Language Training philosophy is that one of simplifying the learning process as much as possible. If you want to get the best results out of your time and money investment in learning Spanish you just got on the right hands.

plaza del Salvador

Learning Spanish don’t have to be tedious and difficult, it is not needed studying rules by heart and make tons of drilling exercises void of content and message which are very likely to be forgotten right after leaving the classroom. Only if you are resolute to learn is when the magic is going to come out.

Living a language is the best textbook

Speaking with locals and listening to their conversations is the best language lab

Seville streets is, of course, the best classroom

And… Getting the experience of learning a language with this system is the best diploma you can obtain

We propose you the best way of boosting your Spanish to the top. Learn Spanish doesn’t necessarily means to study Spanish. At least, we will do our best to make you get the best result with the less effort and the most thoroughly rewarding experience in learning our language and culture.

Please keep posted. Thnks for reading.

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