It is always good to roughly know the origin of the language you are learning, amid other issues. Its paths, the places where it spreaded including America, Africa, East Indies. Also the languages with which it interacts Like English in the United States. California* is a great example of this mixing and enriching both languages and cultures.

Today, Spanish is spoken by up to 400 million people and it is the most taught and spoken second language in the United States.

By 2050 Spanish will be the biggest Spanish speaking country in the world. There are a few reasons for keeping track of your learning both language and culture.

Here we offer a video in which you can have a wide idea of what happened with Spanish since the begining.

It is a short video we hope you enjoy by getting to know more about Spain and its evolution through history.



* We are very sorry about the sad UCLA episode today. Our most sincere condolesces to they community.

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