Maybe we are not still aware, but we are facing different problems in our language learning process. We haven’t realised yet but they are present in our everyday life. In the era of communications, our misscommunication is increasingly growing very fast.

This may sound wierd, but, let me tell you something that happened with one of my students whose job is online broker.

He was reading aloud a text related to his field. I do this a lot with my students as a way of empowering their motivation and improving his pronounciation in English in this case. He had some problems in his reading pace because, as he said, he usually read very fast so that’s why he wasn’t being very good at reading aloud, even in his mother tongue.

I quickly realized the source of the problem. He was reading and, sometimes, he would introduce similar words to the ones written but many of them didn’t correspond with the text…

The problem was that his brain was selecting these similar words just because they were known by him. Avoiding the real ones, unknown by him… hmmm… I said: let me think about this for a moment. Do we really think about what we read? Or we just eat info without thinking if it’s right, wrong, true or false?

He wasn’t making an actual reading, he was just looking for information and not paying atention to intonation, meanings, ryhtm patterns or logical sense in the output of the ideas from the text.

Human beings are getting used to look for info and not reading. We live in the tweet era. If we find a long text over 160 characters, most of us are not gonna take the time of reading it all the way to the end… We are just going to look for the info we need and go to the next task, tweet, facebook post or whatever, but very quickly. FAST, FAST, FAST!!

Too fast too furious, I’m afraid.

Actually, he was the one who recommended me writing in short paragraphs and always adding pictures in my blog… For the same reason I guess. Most of us feel panic in front of a 20 lines paragraph. Just think about it.

Do we really read nowadays? or we just look for info?

This issue may represent a big problem in language learning in the near future as we are not going to be aware of what we are learning by reading texts.

You won’t see many people reading a book at the park, the bus, the train, etc. Not evem in their mother tongue. All of us are tweeting, posting, liking, sending whatsapps with emoticons (tons of them). Maybe we end up writing with hieroglyphics…

Last time I went to the university for a meeting I crashed 10 students just because they weren’t watching their steps… They were watching their cell phone or tablet!

I’m going to add one just to say bye till the next post! ;-)

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