There’s nothing more fulfilling than finding professionals from your field that are innovative and coincide with your ideas and current practice. Even more in second language learning-teaching as one of the most challenging professional activities in teaching industry.
Building bases for second language learning is as important as the language itself or even more. Setting these bases on cultural approach as the main operating tool for learners of any age is our philosophy in Global Language Training.

Pragmatic and linguistic approach might go by hand in our learning process for the betterment of our understanding and acquisition of the target language. Daniel Goleman says that we have two minds, one that think and another one that feels. Reasoning/thinking is a multiple process in which man factors are involved. Emotion takes an important role in learning. It means that we don’t only think about the info we receive, we also feel that info at the same level.
Outdoor language learning is one of the most productive practices in second language learning. Our experiences have always been successful when doing this. Of course we need some classroom work before jumping to reality and going straight to our knowledge’s output. One of the advantages of learning Spanish in Seville is precisely this. Our students feel really outgoing when they have the chance of expressing what they have learned in class in the real scenario of the city interacting with locals. This knowledge gets strongly fixed in their minds as they are not only learning, they are living the language and feeling/experiencing it in a real practice.
Easy task for most of them as if, for instance, we have been dealing with food and trade vocab & grammar, we take them to a food market to buy stuff for eating and also cooking. They already know what they have to ask for and say. Besides they also know what they are expecting to listen, feeling very confident accompanied by their teacher who will intervene in case of misunderstandings (from which they also learn).
This is our teaching philosophy and our way of teaching.

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