This post is related to Problems on language learning from the new era. Part 1, posted last week. It dealed with the porblems we face nowadays in second language learning, but from the reading point of view.

Well, the second part, obviously, has to do with the way we write. In the same way we look for info, more than actually reading, we write to give information as fast as possible and many times we just cannot make ourselves understood. sadly, not all of us are writers, scholars or know how to express our ideas most of the times.

How many times have you read a post, a tweet, an update of a friend in facebook, etc… And you say: “what is he really trying to convey? His he or her meaning truly what he/she wants to?” Or simply, you don’t understand what is being expresed. Apparently, not everything, any idea, can be said or expressed in 160 characters. Maybe languages evolve into a form in which it can be done in a further future, but for the momment this is what we have and what we have to deal with.

If we encounter these problems in our own mother tongue, these problems get bigger when we face a new language. Mostly when we are facing it from a low level or a basic knowledge.

Learning Spanish is not an easy task and when we learn it, we must be aware of this kind of troubles that may affect to our motivation. We need to understand, but fully. In context. Then, after hitting this point, we may be in equal conditions when finding these non-sense comments that continuously appear in social media.

Whether we like it or not, this is real language and communication as this is the way we communicate nowadays, so you’d better combine it with your grammar learning. Otherwise you won’t be learning the real output of the language (with its idioms, slang, expressions, etc).

Learning Spanish in Sevilla with Global Language Training gives you the opportunity of acquiring this perspective as a native speaker, with native speakers, in context and, not of less importance, in context.

Learn more about Spanish in Sevilla with real content, context and everyday life situations. Learn your way and make Spanish language yours as your mother tongue.

I’ll keep you updated with more posts related to language learning, so you could join us one day to learn Spanish in Seville.

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