Christmas is the most important celebration in Spain and Spanish Culture in general terms. I mean, There are many local festivities which are also relevant but at a local level. As many of you know, Spain is very varied in the output of its celebrations. But Christmas is the main and more spread holiday in Hispanic countries.

This is more for tradition than for real faith nowadays, but not for special reasons different from the ones of the globalized world we are living in.

The three most important dates are December 25th, December 31st and January 6th. These days are as familiar as Thanksgiving Day, including New Year’s Eve. It should be pointed out that family life is very important for Hispanic cultures. Hispanic people, and specially Spaniards are very family orientated and Christmas is the season for gathering with family and friends.

The most typical features are Villancicos (Christmas carols) and the celebration of the “Three Kings Day” if we compare with the anglo speaking cultures. Three Kings Day (Día de los Reyes Magos) is when Christmas presents are traditionally given and there is a whole protocol regarding kids. They have to write a letter to the kings telling them how well they did behave during the year and what they think they deserve for that. Pretty alike to the Santa’s protocol.

Besides, The Christmas Spirit is so present in Spain that even companies offer Christmas dinners and meals to their employees with the aim of making them feel as a family within their company and with their job colleages. These celebrations normally occur during the previous fortnight.

Any excuse is a good reason for gathering and celebrate the season and meals are big and exhagerated to the most with food and drinks. Merriness is the most common feeling among people during the whole Christmas season.

There is also a very important event on December 22nd: The biggest lottery event of the year. This is related with the idea of celebration. It could be said that this date is the official begining of this charming holiday season.

Here I leave a video with Villancicos for your enjoyment.

Wishing you Merry Christmas or Holidays if you have some.

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