Cultural crash is something always present when you get to Spain during the first, at least, two months. It doesn’t have to be taken as something negative, but as something from what you can learn and improve your language awareness in real context. This topic is related to the one I posted about El significado de las Palabras.

When a foreign person arrive to the city of Seville there are many  funny  situations created due to the diference of scopes and perceptions of language, life and historical background of every individual. Many of them come from vocabulary missunderstandings or senses of humour. But there are also a whole bunch of situations in which we don’t know how to react. And I’m sure those who travel understand perfectly what I’m talking about.

I remember when a swedish friend of mine told me about her first months in Seville. She told me she tought everybody had sport cars here and that everyone would eat inside the cars. This is because we call the frot terrace of houses “el porche” and many people like eating in that terrace thanks to the fantastic weather. So there comes the crash when we say something like: “Comemos en el porche?/ shall we eat on at the front terrace?

Hopefully nowadays she is totally immerse in our culture working here as a translator.

Another thing that normally happens to students that come here to spend their University school year is they find many problems in hiring an apartment in Sevilla in August because everybody (literally everybody) is on holidays at the beach. Everybody agree in going on holidays that month so if you take a walk around the city, it looks as a ghost abandoned city. There should be someone in charge of advising these students about these kind of shortcomings. I’ll post more funny situations in the future, as many of them are related to some parts of grammar learning and vocabulary adquisition.

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