Learning Spanish language in Sevilla normally becomes a unique experience. Just ask your friends who had the opportunity of coming here and enjoying the interaction with people, its fantastic weather, the beauty and magic of its streets, plazas and monuments. Every moment of the day offers an output of culture in a city that encompasses daily life with strong values and tradition in a quite subtle way.

Imagine that you are at the university and, after your Spanish lessons, your teacher recommend you to go and practice your listening and speaking abilities in the language laboratory. All of us know what a language lab is. I have been working in some of them during my period in Florida International University. It is a very useful place in which you normally find material to practice and a teacher to get guided conversation if want to; or just listen to tapes, watch movies, videos, etc. But all this is off-setting.

What if you just go to the setting for a month and use a bigger lab: Sevilla? Why not? Where you can talk with locals, learn their costumes, participate in the output of the everyday life in a city which has witnessed so much hispanic history through its streets and old gates. Let’s say that instead of listening to a taped conversation, you just sit down in any of the beautiful cafes in the historic center of the city, or the Jewish quarter, or any little town in the Aljarafe, and listen to people’s conversations (it’s already known that Spaniards talk very loud so it wouldn’t represent a problem). What if instead of watching a Spanish movie and participate in a debate with your peeps, you have the opportunity of attending to a play in any of our beautiful theatres and comment about it after the show in any cafe or bar with Spaniards. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

I remember one of our students, which was interested in local gastronomy,  and had the opportunity of talking and interviewing some mushrooms collectors during the gathering season in November at Sierra Norte in Sevilla province. I had to help them to construct the conversation with some guidance but it was something they told me they wouldn’t forget and we had an amazing sunny winter day driving through the little mountains and villages, tasting their products and knowing about origin and history of their gastronomy.

Mushrooms Sierra Norte Sevilla

Mushrooms Sierra Norte Sevilla

Learning a language doesn’t necessarily means studying and having a hard time with (for instance) listening exercises about topics we are not interested in. You can design your contents with us and get the best result of your learning experience with our guidance.

Our mind tends to delete bad moments but happy and enjoyable moments last forever in our brain. I’m open to help you out in finding the best path for your learning in Sevilla. Questions and comments are very welcome.

See you in the next post.

Buena suerte!