There is this legend, mostly feed by locals, that Seville is an oven in summer and that it is impossible to be here from June to September. Well, guess what? It is only summer as in New York, Chicago, Los Ángeles, lisbon, etc. With the right advising and guidance you will get the best out of your staying during the holiday season.

Thanks to the varied cultures that inhabited this area during the passing of centuries, summer heat in Seville is something to which you can cope with smoothly and easy.

This, obviously, is not an attempt to convince you or give a wrong manipulated idea about Seville’s summer heat. It is hot and, sometimes too hot. But here are many interesting and ways of avoiding it and still enjoy the charms of this universal city.

Watch the locals: Main rule is observe the locals behavior. Here is a summarized description of a regular day for a Sevillano:

Wake up early: Mornings in Seville are beautiful and combine warmth and chill innuendos. Plenty of light and full of terraces for enjoying amazing Mediterranean breakfasts in the quiet morning. Not mentioning that it won’t go over 5-6€ even in the most expensive place. Then do your errands before 12pm when the sun really starts beating. In the case of a tourist, just stroll the city visiting the places you are interested, leaving always gardens and indoor places for the last hours of the morning.

Go and get some refreshment before lunch (which you may know is typical at around 2pm). It will release you from the last unduly moments of the morning. Hydrating yourself and avoiding direct sunlight after 12pm as possible. For this, the Arabs created the Barrio Santa Cruz. A group of extremely narrow streets in which you can get lost being sure that you are in the coolest place of the city (not only for the temperature). The fresher place to visit patios from old colonial house nicely preserved and dorrs opened for visitors  who want to take the smell and admire their architecture.

Somewhere in Seville

Somewhere in Seville

SIESTA.  After a frugal lunch, Sevillanos like of having some nap time as 3-6 pm is the hottest moment of the day. You will realize how respectful are locals with this issue. It is mandatory to keep silence during these hours and do we… The city become empty, the streets completely naked of people, dogs, birds or any living sign. The dullest moment after which you have a shower, drink your tea or coffe in the shade, take a look to the cultural agenda and prepare yourself for getting out again at almost sunset time.


Seville magic night glow

Seville magic night glow

Nights in Seville are very lively in summer. After the heat, the temperature goes to the right level for not wanting to go back home till very late. The city becomes magical at every turn. Seville agenda during July and August is full of cultural activities, live performances in the streets, concerts in jaw-dropping gardens, flamenco shows or simply terraces beside the river for enjoying a cocktail after a fresh tapas dinner. That’s why we have siesta. We need to recover from the short and amazing nights that our city offer and we don’t want to miss any single beautiful moment outdoors.

If you want to enjoy and discover the secrets of Seville nights and mornings just join our services and programs. You won’t regret and will surely get a great memoir of your visit.

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