about global lenguage training

GLT was developed in an effort to bring study abroad back to what it was intended to be true, cultural immersion programs designed by knowledgeable, caring professionals. GLT programs are different in that students are enrolled at our school overseas in an effort to maintain the personalized service throughout the program that GLT prides itself on providing.  GLT offers programs that are focused on intense, cultural immersion which puts them in touch with the locals of their host country, elements of the host culture to ensure a well-rounded, diverse experience.




Our programs are ideal for students and professionals looking to either learn the Spanish language, or advance their knowledge in the Spanish language for their further career development. After enjoying our program, our students are expected to be linguistically and culturally competent in an operative level with the target language.

Global Language Training offers to Spanish language learners the possibility of applying their target language knowledge in real context situations under the continuous supervision of a specialist in order to acquire and develop their learning in accordance with their professional and everyday life activity.

We offer diploma graded under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ standard (CEFR).