My name is Ivan Sanchís and I am an English/Spanish language and literature teacher. I work at the university of Seville teaching and researching on Second Language Learning.
This is going to be the first of some posts I’ll be publishing here with the intention of giving advice to those who want to learn a new language and haven’t been succesful yet. Each learner has his/her way. With this Global Language Training methodology, any one can reach his/her objectives in the target language. It is not a fixed way of learning or teaching. It is simply adapting your learning paths and processes to the contents you are interested in. Interaction, contents of your interest and personalisation of programs and courses are our assets to make you get the best results during your learning.
So, feel free to write any comment or enquiry that may arise in your mind and I’ll be more than happy to help and advise.
Have a nice day and be aware for the next entry!
Ivan Sanchís