There is this quest of looking for the best method for learning Spanish or any second language in general which drives people crazy and turns most of the times into a deep frustration which normally ends up in giving up your objective. Loving what you are doing or learning is the best asset for your success. Motivation is normally the key for achieving your objectives with good results.

Here I’m giving you some guidance for your success, both in this quest and in your learning process when learning a language.

As it’s been lately said in health: “There are not illnesses, there are patients.”



And so it goes with language learning.

We are overwhelmed by marketing campaigns with claims like: “Start learning Spanish by conversation, talk from the begining!”, or “The natural way is the definitive method, don’t loose your time with others”, also “Forget about grammar, we have the solution for your Spanish to be fluent without studying…”, “The 1000 words method”, etc.

As I said, the perfect method does not exist, or at least, it does not necessarily work with everybody, and here relies the secret…. All of them maybe perfect but perhaps some just do not fit us.

Tayloring methodologies for different people is my best. Depending on your personality, your likes, your job, your skills, your hobbies, etc, you have to pick your method and even change it during your learning process. Simple as this.

This is what differentiates Global Language Training from other schools. We are very aware that we work with people, and the most important feature of human beings is that we are all different, not any single equal pair (not even twins).

Not every bolt fit the same nut.

A person who is more keen on logical mathematical senses and reasoning won’t work properly with a natural method. Besides, a more philosophical person won’t fit in a drilling-grammar based learning method, which in turn will work very good with a math’s nerd.

This is where we can offer you guidance and also personalised courses for you to be definitely a Spanish fluent speaker. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in this point. You’ll be in the best hands as our objective and reward relies precisely on your success in learning Spanish in Seville.



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