It can be said that the two most important languages in occidental world are English and Spanish. Both are important in literature, artistic expressions (mostly in music) and economy. Both are spoken in the United States (Spanish is the second most spoken language there) and both are spoken in many countries including a wide range of varieties and cultural output which, from an external point of view, can appear very different, but both have their roots: Spain and United Kingdom. This fact may arise as a problem when deciding what place or country is more appropriate to get a good result from our learning.

This shouldn’t represent a problem if we have something clear: What is our purpose of using it. This is the most important thing when we learn a language or anything else.

Maybe we need the language for work, or studies, maybe we just love the language and its culture. This is the most common feeling among those who really become successful in their learning and end up acquiring the language in an almost native way.

If you don’t have a clear idea about this, the best option is going to the place where the language was created. In this way we will be acquiring the roots of its different varieties and we will be closer to its different interpretations.

Gipsy show at mirador de San Nicolas

Gipsy show at mirador de San Nicolás


Another aspect to take into account is if we think we are going to enjoy our experience. This will help much  in our learning. The more we enjoy, the more we learn. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. At least, this is my main objective when teaching. So, wherever we decide to go for learning Spanish, or any second language, it has to be attractive, enjoyable and fulfilling to you.

I encourage you to decide consequently and, if Spain and Sevilla is your choice, here you have a group of specialists that will make you enjoy your learning and experience abroad. I can help you to discover the best way for you to learn.

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