There are many reasons for choosing Sevilla as the place to learn Spanish and touch bases with the Spanish culture: The weather, the historic background of the city, its local festivities, museums and monuments, the strategic situation for travelling to other places in Spain and Europe (and even Afrika), the friendly character of its inhabitants, its important gastronomic output with a wide range of season products, the city size, and a long etcetera.

Besides, a very important element in your learning process is that not many people is able to speak English or any other foreign language here, so that is an upgrade for your practice and oral interaction with locals. Not many people is concerned about this when deciding a place to study or practice a second language. At first it may look as a barrier but later on you’ll see it as a good thing for the significant amount of opportunities you will have to put your knowledge into the scene in the most authentic way.

For the experience of other students I had, I can say that all of them coincide in seeing this as something very positive that made them improve faster than they thought. There are many things to do here as the city is a lively factory of cultural options and a quite important variety of activities.

This is the best way of acquiring a second language and, with the right guidance, it may end up in the proper acquisition of its grammar and culture thanks to the significant emotional baggage that entails such an experience. So, I encourage you to take advantage of your next holiday, pack and come over to enjoy the Spanish experience.
Remember: “When in Rome… ;-)